Helping you launch your food product in supermarkets & retailers

At New Food Launches we help you launch your food product into retail supermarkets. Together we’ll guide you through the food launch process to get you in front of the buyers.

Companies we can help


Whether you have a kitchen counter business or just a food concept, we can help you understand the process that it takes to get your food launch on the supermarket shelves.

If you want to know what it takes to get your food in front of buyers and explore if your new food concept will be a success, this consultation will give the knowledge to make vital decisions about your product.


You may have started the production of your new food product, but how prepared are you for a meeting with retail buyers, and have you explored how to become an established food brand?

As a small business we can help you identify key areas buyers will question, and ensure you’re prepared to meet with key retailers to launch your food product.

Emerging + Established
Food Businesses

If you already have an established food product but you’re looking to expand and produce more products we can help you grow to the next stage.

Whether you’re looking to secure a position in the largest supermarket retailers, or grow your current product offering, our knowledge and guidance can take you to the next level in your food business.

You might be thinking

  • How do I launch my food product into retail stores?
  • My food product failed but I don’t know why?
  • How do I test the market for my new food product?
  • What do I need to do to appeal to supermarket buyers?

How we help

Launching a food product into supermarkets and retailers isn’t an easy task, with 76% of food products failing to launch each year with a large percentage of these failing due to oversight on the fundamentals. That is why we developed our 3 stage approach:


We start by getting to know your food product and the vision you have for your launch.
During this stage we want to know who your key audience are, and where you see yourself fitting into the food market.


Once we understand your food product and the vision of your brand we will create a strategy with you to guide you to the best possible chance of a successful launch. This will be your roadmap and provide you with a clear journey for your product.


We won’t just leave you to gain momentum. With our experience, knowledge and connections we support you in taking the actions required to meet with supermarket retailers and ensure your product appeals to the buyers responsible for filling the shelves.

Meet The Consultants

Mark Jordan

After a number of years in retail, Mark started his food career working in production for Cargill, the world’s largest privately owned company.

Demonstrating a passion for food, he grew with Cargill into commercial roles where, for the past 25 years he has worked across a range of businesses, from blue-chip multinationals to small innovative start-ups, covering both branded and own-label products.

Mark has a proven track record of success, especially in bringing innovative new products to market and developing new product areas. He has a real depth of understanding of what is required to make a product successful and, as equally important, what is required to get it launched into UK retailers, whether that be regionally or nationally

Dean Lynn

Dean has worked with food brands and restaurant’s to successfully launch their products and services across the UK. Dean’s journey began when he built his own food business, and his passion for good food and cooking has continued since.

With over fifteen year’s experience in commercial business marketing, Dean brings his market knowledge, and commercial awareness to the table. With a real passion for food, and eating out weekly, Dean lives and breathes food.